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Super silicone formula; perfect for all BCY bowstrings. Scent free, water repellent and abrasion resistant. Excellent string penetration and protection. Capped twist dispenser.


Saunders nocking points (pk 10)

Medium (black) brass nocking points which can be used as temporary nocking points for recurve or as speed nocks for compound strings. If you are using these for speed nocks,...

From: £2.50

BCY ‘D’ Braid loop rope

A smaller D loop material; grips well. Approximate diameter: 1.6 mm (.062") Available in 1-4 metre lengths and a variety of colours.

From: £4.00

BCY #24 loop rope

The professional"s choice. #24 stiff braided polyester, good consistent burn. Approximate diameter: 2.0 mm (.079") Available 1-4 metre lengths and in a variety of colours.

From: £4.00

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