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Oneida String – 452X Material


BCY 452X: 67% SK75 Dyneema, 33% Vectran.

All Oneida strings are double served on end loops as per manufacturer recommendations.

For tips on ordering, please see the description at the bottom of the page.

String Colour 1 * 


String Colour 2


String Pinstripe Colour


Serving Colour * 


Model * 


String Length (if known)


Nock Fit * 

Please select your nock type and size from the Dropdown. If you’re unsure, select, ‘I’ll email you’ and email an image of the nock you’re shooting with to:


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Tips to ordering:

  • Please provide as much information as you can about your bow and, if possible, the string length required.
  • Where ‘Natural’ is a colour option, please note this is undyed and unwaxed and as a result, it is thinner than colours. For this reason it is only available in single colour.
  • For the centre serving nock fit, please select the type of nock you use in your arrows. If you’re unsure, please send a photo (include your order number in the email title) to:
  • We are unable to provide the metal cables for the Oneida, only the string