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Supreme Edition Cable only (single piece)


A new era in string evolution

Bloodline 99 is made with a very small diameter of 100% Dyneema® SK99 fibre.  Combined with the Patent Pending Next-Gen Coating Technology, Bloodline 99 helps create a very tough and lightweight bowstring.

The Next-Gen coating replaces traditional wax; the greatest contributor of speed, timing and sightmark differentials in different weather and heat conditions. The Patent Pending coating also helps to protect the fibres in the string from abrasion. This will increase the peak performance life of the string and drastically increase the amount of time before string fuzz (fibre to fibre rubbing) starts to appear.

The 100% SK99 fibre is the strongest Dyneema used in strings to date and gives ultimate stability on timing and increased speed whilst providing a less aggressive feel to the shot than hybrid materials.

Our Supreme range of strings are perfectly complimented with the Bloodline .014″ BOA technical cam serving providing a secure grip to this super slick string.

Along with our World beating construction methods, the Supreme range of strings from Reign are an absolute game changer.

Don’t just win, Reign Supreme

For tips on ordering, please see the description at the bottom of the page.

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Introducing the Supreme range of strings

The Supreme range are made using the phenomenal new B99 100% SK99 material from Bloodline Bowstring Fibers.

What makes this stuff so great?

The strands of a string are made up of tiny fibres that individually are quite fragile but become incredibly strong when bundled as a strand and then as a full string. During the life of a string, those fibres will rub together and the friction will cause fibres to break, leading to fuzzing or fraying of the strands. Traditionally, the manufacturers have used a wax coating on the strand to protect those fibres and ultimately increase the life of the string. Wax however, causes a build up in the string, adding weight to the string and in different climates causing it to react differently. This can alter bracing height, timing, speed and sightmarks.

The Bloodline BL99 material replaces wax with a Patent Pending Next-Gen coating; an ultra light, slick coating that protects the fibres without the usual build up of wax. The strand sit tighter together in the string, eliminating the variables that different climates can cause to the performance of the string. The slick coating also offers unparalleled protection to the fibres massively reducing friction and increasing the life of your string. You can enjoy up to twice the longevity of your string compared to a normal waxed string!

No more need to wax your string!!!

The B99 material uses 100% SK99 Dyneema. This ultra strong Dyneema provides an incredibly thin strand, increased strand count and, along with the benefits from the coating, this will give a far more consistent string for bracing height and cam timing.

All of the Supreme range of strings are perfectly complimented with the 0.014” BOA technical serving from Bloodline. The braided serving is thin, strong, grips tight to the coated B99 material and wears like nails.

Along with our World beating construction methods, the Supreme range of strings from Reign are an absolute game changer.

Don’t just win, Reign Supreme

Tips to ordering:

    • Please provide as much information as you can about your bow. The type and size of cam can often be found as a code stamped on the side of the cam.
    • If you require cable guard serving which is not standard on your bow, please specify in the notes section. We may on occasions need you to measure the start-finish position