About us

Over 35 years' experience and 25 years in the industry

Simon Scott

A renowned UK archer with 35 years’ experience and 25 years working in the industry, founded Reign Bowstrings in 2013 after leaving the archery retail sector. He created the Reign brand following a huge number of requests to continue setting up equipment, coaching, and of course, making strings.

After sourcing the finest tools and making bespoke ones where production versions weren’t adequate, he was able to make Reign Bowstrings products just the way he wanted them; fully pre-tensioned strings with unparalleled accuracy and zero compromise on quality.

About the Strings

All material is bought in a specific wax content to ensure maximum consistency between the colours. This means that two-colour or pinstripe strings don’t compromise the accuracy of the string for the aesthetics.

Most of the manufacturing process is a closely guarded secret, but all recurve and compound strings are created, twisted to length and stretched out to over 400lb of pressure before any linear serving is applied. This process removes the creep aspect of the string to ensure the bracing height of the recurve strings and timing of the compounds stay put.

With up to 161,000 different colour combinations, you can customise your strings to almost any requirement.