Supreme Edition Bloodline Glory Pro Barebow

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For material description and recommendations, please see the bottom of the page

Barebow Centre Serving

To comply with World Archery’s Target Barebow string ruling (, it is sometimes necessary to make non standard centre serving locations for your string.

Our standard location for centre serving is 4″ (10cm) above and below the centre point of the string. If you require anything different, please specify where prompted either by the amount and direction the serving is to be extended or by the start and finish location of centre serving measured from the tip of the top loop.


  1. Serving to be extended 2″ at the top of the centre serving
  2. Start 26.5″, finish 38.5″ from top loop

Non slip serving

As standard we use BCY Halo or Reign Fusion centre serving which provides a very smooth centre for nock and tab release but can result in tab movement during the draw for archers that string walk (crawl). We can substitute the standard centre serving for a more textured material to help eliminate tab movement and keep consistency for string walking.


AMO Bow length
Actual string length
Preferred strand count
Draw weight
Standard location is 4" above & below centre of the string
Please specify either the extension amount above or below standard or the start and finish location measured from the tip of the top loop
We can substitute the standard centre serving for a more textured material to help eliminate tab movement and keep consistency for string walking.
Grand total


Introducing Glory Pro, the first material specifically designed for recurve bows by Bloodline Fibers.

We have been working closely with Bloodline over the past 2 years, testing different fibres and strand diameters to find the perfect combination of stretch rate and shot feel to compliment today’s modern limbs. The result, a micro diameter Dyneema® string that, along with Bloodline’s incredible coating technology gives an ultra-low maintenance string that’s stable on bracing height and packs a punch but without the aggressive feel of other fibres.

We manufacture these strings using our exclusive Gen2 end serving which provides the toughest, smallest diameter yet perfectly flexible loops we’ve ever produced.

Prepare for Glory

Recommended strand count:

  • Up to 26lb: 24 strand
  • 26-36lb: 24-26 strand
  • 38-44lb: 26-28 strand
  • 46-52lb: 28-30 strand
  • 54+lb: 30-32 strand

Please check your bow manufacturers owners manual to make sure this material is suitable

Tips to ordering:

  • If you know the finished length of the string you require please select measured string length and enter your details. Otherwise click AMO Bow Length and enter the length of your bow.
  • If you know the strand count required please complete the text box. Otherwise please detail your bow weight in the notes box below.
  • For the centre serving nock fit, please select the type of nock you use in your arrows. If you’re unsure, please send a photo (include your order number in the email title) to:

Additional information

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 24.5 × 2 × 2 cm